Saturday, May 15, 2010

About the Project.

Hello, and welcome to VanVamps!

Here I'll be following the complete overhaul and redesign of a 1977 Chevrolet 25 foot RV.
Call it my senior project.

See, after weeks of considering purchasing a big-ass truck, an SUV, or another type of automobile, I became completely annoyed, nitpicked, and (excuse me) pissed beyond belief at all dealerships everywhere. So, there I was yesterday, tired, annoyed, and ready to become a hermit and never deal with Car salesman ever, ever again.

In a crazy random happenstance, a friend of the family had an old 1977 RV that they were ready to pass on. It's a total wreck, inside and out. The floors and the ceilings need to come out, the bathroom needs to be gutted, and the exterior needs to be sanded down, and we'll be spending days rebuilding the spots that have been rusted out.

However, the engine was brand new and built by a well known (Rhode Island based) race car mechanic. The engine has literally zero miles, and is easily worth $1500. I spent $1000.00 dollars for the whole thing, and it's registered until September 2010. The owners are also including the brand new ceiling panels they had purchased over the summer.

I'm very fortunate in the fact that I have several *very* Mechanically inclined friends. Including Peter, who will be helping me pretty much every step of the way on this project. Peter (Pictured below) is the sole caretaker of Mellobrook Farm, where I keep my Horse. Peter has worked at pretty much every detail shop, Car shop, paint shop, and towing company in Rhode Island and Near by Massachusetts.

Peter spent from his mid-teen years to his late twenties overhauling and converting all types of different vehicles. Two notable being the Hearse he converting into a party bus, and his current truck a fourty-year old monster that no one's sure what it used to be. He bought it for fifty bucks eight years ago and it's still running strong, it's some sort of SUV, Pick Up truck, Subaru type...thing.

We're buying a battery later today to replace the one that's been sitting idle for two years, and then moving the RV to the farm as soon as possible to start gutting it.

Pictures soon!

Until next time,